You Are Your Father’s Treasure

“Do you remember the story of the prodigal son?” asked my grandfather and put down the book he was reading. “The son of a rich, generous, and loving father had left home and roamed aimlessly for many years. He squandered his part of the father’s fortune on worthless pleasures and distractions. The young man didn’t know at the time that what he was doing didn’t have any value and that he was falling deeper into misery. He was ashamed to return home because he believed he had wasted his father’s fortune. When he eventually returned home, his father took him in his loving arms and gave him everything.”

“I’ve heard the parable many times, grandpa” I said. “God forgives us for the wrong we’ve done, that’s the meaning of the story.”

“The true meaning of the parable is that the son himself was the father’s treasure. The father wanted nothing else but his son, and nothing had any real value to the father but his son. The son couldn’t squander the father’s fortune because the son himself was the father’s fortune. What he did with the father’s gifts didn’t matter, because what the father loved was his son. 

You, my child, are the treasure of the Father in Heaven, and when you decide to return home, to return to love, to return to God, you will be always welcomed because your Father in Heaven wants nothing else but you.”

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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