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Dr. Dragos is a book author, award-winning scientist and speaker who has presented on five continents. His calling in life is to bring people to Jesus Christ and empower this generation to fulfill their God-given dreams and destiny. He is the author of Behold The Breath Of Life – The Mystery of Jesus Christ Through The Eyes of Science and The Pursuit Of Dreams – Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart and Fulfill Your Destiny.
Dragos holds a Ph.D. in space science and has received several international awards for his innovation in the space industry. Dragos traveled on two expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, studied at NASA and was featured twice in National Geographic. In 2017, he was nominated for the M.I.T. Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Award, a most prestigious recognition for “the brightest minds who are changing society” with their projects.  

As a speaker, Dr. Dragos has been on stage on five continents and shared the stage with New York Times bestselling authors, rock stars, astronauts, and various international business and government leaders. He delivered more than 100 lectures and presentations in various international contexts. He now travels the world to empower people to return to God and make their dreams a reality. 

What others are saying

Dr. Dragos stands for the hopeless, for the ones who starve for more meaning and purpose, for the rebels, the rejected, and the lonely. The genius of Dr. Dragos makes us clearly see that beyond the field of suffering, doubt, and problems that we face in life, there is a place in our hearts where courage, hope, and love still make our dreams possible.

Guy Djoken President UNESCO Center for Peace

I was seduced by Dragos's ability to go to the point and lead some of the activities of our program. He is an exceptionally creative and forward thinking fellow who knows how to foster cooperation in a group and produce excellent results. He is an absolute professional it is a joy to work with him.

Prof. Dr. Guy Andre Boy Chief Scientist NASA Kennedy Space Center

Dragos is a highly creative and innovative personality. Being 100% committed to his vision, he always focuses on new ways to expand the quality and value of services and benefits for his clients and partners. Dragos reveals innovative, sometimes magical solutions to challenges. He deeply understands the forces that drive the success of a team, appreciates the value of team members, and fosters energizing collaborations. The breath of his accomplishment is awesome!

Dr. Charles Pellerin NASA Director, Leader of the Hubble Space Telescope Development Program

The results achieved and feedback from some of the major players in the aerospace business confirm the added value when team building following Dragos’s guidelines.

Frank CHAPMAN AIRBUS Celebrity, Test Pilot for AIRBUS A380 and AIRBUS A350

I was inspired by Dragos's drive and work ethic. He is also a great team player and knows how to bring people from various backgrounds and cultures to the same page when working on a project. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Iman Datta NASA AMES Engineer


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