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Walt Disney created Disneyland.
Together with his team, Walt dreamed the park into existence. They imagined the activities, designed the playgrounds, invented the stories, engineered the machineries. One day when they finished work, Walt saw that it was good, and handed the park to all children to enjoy. Walt’s spirit is present in Disneyland.
God created the Heaven and the Earth.
Together with Wisdom, they shined light into darkness, engineered the solar system, designed the times and the seasons, spilled galaxies and stars across the night sky, and imagined every life form moving on the face of the Earth. They brought rain from the clouds, and abundant life from the ground. God breathed life into our bodies, revealed His wisdom into our minds and poured His love into our hearts. One day when they finished work, God saw that it was good, and handed the Earth to His children to enjoy. God’s spirit is still present in the world.
If you believe in Walt Disney because you see his creation, why don’t you believe in God even if you see His creation?

Most Loved & Popular Stories

Love Was There

When science wasn’t, Love was. When science is, Love is. When you weren’t, Love was. When you are, Love is.

What the Woman Saw

We can never take miracles for granted because when miracles happen we realize we find ourselves in the presence of God. Sometimes we share these miracles with strangers.

Love Was There

When science wasn’t, Love was. When science is, Love is. When you weren’t, Love was. When you are, Love is.



Author who started as filmmaker, introvert who’s an international speaker, conscious entrepreneur in service, and award-winning scientist who put his Ph.D. in a bubble wrap and took a walk on the wild side of life to empower people like you to make your dreams a reality – no matter where you start from.


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What they say

Dragos, you are one of the few that are at the forefront of a vital movement that inspires a shift in our consciousness so we can evolve into more beautiful us-es. I love your story, it's inspirational.



Steve VAI
Grammy Award Winning Musician

I've worked in my career with a lot of transformative leaders. Dragos is one of the gifted global contributors that is practicing what he is preaching and maybe this explains his instant transformative effect in his audience.



Cristi Onetiu
Entrepreneur, Top Forbes 500, owner of a company with 50+ Million EUR revenue

Dr. Dragos stands for the hopeless, for the ones who starve for more meaning and purpose, for the rebels, the rejected, and the lonely. The genius of Dr. Dragos makes us clearly see that beyond the field of suffering, doubt, and problems that we face in life, there is a place in our hearts where courage, hope, and love still make our dreams possible.



Guy Djoken
President UNESCO Center for Peace

The results achieved and feedback from some of the major players in the aerospace business confirm the added value when team building following Dragos’s guidelines.



Frank Chapman
AIRBUS Celebrity, Test Pilot for AIRBUS A380 and AIRBUS A350

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