The Forgotten Meaning of Christmas

Today Christmas is about gifts, warm wishes, family dinners, surprises under the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and happy children unwrapping presents.

But Christmas is about something that most of us might have forgotten.

Many years ago, when the world was slogging through the darkness, when people lived by the dead-law of the books and scrolls, without mercy and forgiveness for each other because they have forgotten who they really were, Love itself was born.

When people have forgotten the holy light that shined in their minds, Love itself came to remind them that they are its holy children, and that nothing is worthy of them but Love, everlasting joy and serenity.

Christmas is literally the day when Love came down from Heaven .

It has been calling us ever since to return back home to our Heavenly Family, with all our brothers and sisters. We are the holy children of Love, unwrapping since the first Christmas, the holy gifts of the Divine for us.

Without the infinite love of Jesus Christ for us, we would still be slogging through darkness. All the armies of the world could not do what Jesus did through Love. Because Love is something you do, and something you give.

We may be far apart in the world, but I am very close in my heart to you, and the only true gift I want to give you is my gratitude for who you are, and my love for you, simply because you deserve only love.

I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever, filled with an abundance of peace, divine joy and infinite health, and wish you another 100 happy years lived in Love.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Christmas is the day when Love came down from Heaven.

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