Your Unshakable Foundation

Having an unshakable foundation in your life means to live grounded and at peace regardless of your circumstances. What is your foundation? What is the rock upon which you build you life? What do you fall upon when everything falls apart around you?

Entrepreneurs struggle with depression when their companies fail. Artists live with heartbreak and pain when their creations are not recognized. Most people give up on their dreams when the trials of life and the storms of reality beat hard against them. When everything crumbles and things fail to work, what do you fall upon? The answer to this question will spare you from heartache, save your health and your life. Some years ago I founded my startup company. Before I did any work on the business, I wanted to make sure I build everything on an unshakable foundation. For that, I asked myself one question: “If everything I do fails, if I end up with nothing after going on this journey, what is it the one thing that I want to have left? What do I value so much that I want to keep if everything else goes away?”
To me the answer was immediate: regardless of what happens in my life, I want to keep my relationship with Jesus Christ pure. This became my foundation on which I build everything even today. Knowing this answer gave me the freedom to create a company without any fear, because I knew that no matter how things turn out, I will be fine. Jesus Christ must be your foundation and the rock upon which you lay your mind, your heart and your life.


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