The Seed Of Your Dream

Would you like to know from the very beginning if your dream will become a reality? Would you like to know before you invest a single dollar and do any work if your startup will be successful?
You can. Here’s how.

If your dream springs forth from the deepest part of your heart, that dream is put in your heart by God. If you nourish it with work, learning and leaps of faith, it will become true.

If your dream comes from your reason, from what you see other people doing, from you fear-driven beliefs, from your emotions or market ideas, it will fail.

God is fair and He would not put in your heart a dream without giving you the means to make it happen.

“Is God’s seed important?”
you might ask.

Do you know that the entire history of humanity was transformed with with single cell? The greatness of Jesus and everything that emerged in the world from Christ begun with one seed, one cell in his mother’s womb.

You life will become great when you welcome and nourish the seed of the dream God has put in your heart.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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