In The Heart of Hearts

Nobody truly knows you, as you really are in your heart of hearts. No matter how open you are, not even your closest friend can fully know you or understand you. Nobody from this world can completely know you because that secret place in the deepest deep of your heart is not of this world. The profound intimacy (“into me you see”) you need to have with someone so that you feel known is reserved only for God. No one from this world can enter into the secret place of Heaven in your heart.

You may not know God’s heart. You may be upset with him. You may even doubt his reality. None of that matters. He knows you.

He knows you as you really are. He knows you as you yearn to be known. He knows you with the dark and the light, with the low and the high, the ugly and the beautiful, the hidden and the truth. He knows the fear and the anger, the envy and the strife. He knows all the thoughts of your heart. He knows you as intimate and as deep as you do not even know yourself. He knows you in all and every moment. Because he made you, he knows you, and he knows you as he made you and not as you think you are. Because he truly knows you, he loves you with a love that gives you life.

Dr. Dragos

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