Walt Disney created Disneyland.

Together with his team, Walt dreamed the park into existence. They imagined the activities, designed the playgrounds, invented the stories, engineered the machineries. One day when they finished work, Walt saw that it was good, and handed the park to all children to enjoy. Walt’s spirit is present in Disneyland.

God created the Heaven and the Earth.

Together with Wisdom, they shined light into darkness, engineered the solar system, designed the times and the seasons, spilled galaxies and stars across the night sky, and imagined every life form moving on the face of the Earth. They brought rain from the clouds, and abundant life from the ground. God breathed life into our bodies, revealed His wisdom into our minds and poured His love into our hearts. One day when they finished work, God saw that it was good, and handed the Earth to His children to enjoy. God’s spirit is still present in the world.

If you believe in Walt Disney because you see his creation, why don’t you believe in God even if you see His creation?

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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