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Recently, I was waiting for somebody in the lobby of a hotel in Boston, and sitting there on the table was this giant book called “The New York Times Front Pages: 1851 – 2016.” As its title says, the book features all the “important” pieces of news from the last 150 years. I browsed through the pages to discover something extremely interesting: All news is old news, and only the names change.

Go back in history and you will find the media promoting the same news only with different actors: same disasters, different locations; same crimes, different criminals; same cases of corruption, different politicians; same nuclear threats, different names to press the red button. News constantly change while life remains the same. News are created to bring fear today but nothing tomorrow. You don’t fear yesterday’s news, but only today’s. Remember that today’s news is tomorrow’s nothing. Why worry something so fragile and why fear something so transitory?

I stopped watching TV and reading the news 15 years ago. The only thing you will be missing when you stop following the news is your continuous anxiety about tomorrow. That’s all.

Dr. Dragos

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