Do Unto Others as You Would Unto Yourself

A long time ago, in a little country town in New Zealand there lived a rich, kind and loving man. One day, he called one of the poorest farmers working on his land, and said to him: “I know your family has struggled with money for years, and I want to help you. I have a job for you. I will pay you well. Will you work for me?”

“Of course I will” said the man happily. “What do I have to do?”

“I have land on the edge of the forest, and I would like you to build a new house for me.”

The farmer left whistling in joy, and begun working on the house the following day. The rich man paid for everything, but never came to oversee how the house was progressing. The farmer realized he was all alone for most days, and begun to cut corners. He bought cheap and shoddy materials, and stole the rest of the money. He rushed to get rid of the work, and knew in a short time the house will need repairs, but he will be long gone. The house looked perfect on the outside, but he did a poor job, and it had many invisible faults. One day the farmer went to the owner and told him the house was finalized. The owner paid him, and promised to go see the house later that day. When the farmer took the money, the owner also handed him a key:

“I know your family had a difficult life, and I know you live in a ramshackle cottage far away from town. For this reason I give you this new house as a gift. I let you build it just the way you like it. I give it to you with joy, my brother. Receive this house from me. You deserve it.”

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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