Ep. 1: The World as You’ve Never Seen it Before
We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by negative news from everywhere. If you listen to the media, the world seems to be dark and our future hopeless. The reality however is very different than what the news media is actually showing us. You need to find out the truth about our world today, not from the media but from scientific data.

Ep. 2: Revealing the Mystery of Your Mind
Something seems to always block us from following our dreams. But what is it? Our mind is set towards our dreams but still, we seem to be doing nothing and getting nowhere. You’ve heard it many times: it’s all about the power of the mind. But what is the mind? How does the conscious and subconscious mind work? What really drives our success?

Ep. 3: Live in Truth
You can never fulfil your dreams if you are not true to yourself. You can only find meaning in truth, you will never find meaning in lies. Regardless of how obvious this sounds, living in truth can be sometimes the most difficult thing in the world. But the effect of living in truth are all the synchronicities, serendipities, miracle events, being in flow and being in the zone where your dreams begin to find you rather than you having to chase after them.

Ep. 4: Thriving Through the Hard Times
When you decide to follow your dreams, you will have to pay the price. Doing the work to transform your dreams into reality is like walking across the Earth, it can be that hard, and it can take that long. Many people call it the dark night of the soul. How do you deal with the self-doubt that comes when you have to cross the dark desert of your dreams?

Ep. 5: How to Move the Mountain
Two thousand years ago, Jesus revealed an ancient mode of prayer to bring miracles in our lives. In the 1990s, leading scientists from California proven Jesus was correct. In this episode you discover how to move the mountain.

Ep. 6: Do the Work
The greatest stumbling block in the pursuit of dreams is our unwillingness to do the work. We fill our head with information but we never put it into practice. We never take action. We never do it. We study, learn techniques, take courses, read books, have long conversations but we never apply on the long run what we know we must do. Thinking about the future is the worst way of thinking about the future. Working on our future is the best way of thinking about our future.

Ep. 7: The Journey is the Destination
Your unshakable commitment pulls you towards the fulfilment of your dreams even when you doubt yourself. When you hesitate, embrace your confusion and still go for what you truly desire. When you are afraid, embrace your fear and still go for what you deeply desire. In the pursuit of dreams, uncontrolled thoughts will run through you head. Don’t listen to everything you think. Insatiable fears will rush through your body. Don’t obey everything you feel. Go all the way. The journey is the destination.

Ep. 8: Busting the Myth of “I Can’t Do It”
You’ve built a career, you have a college degree, you have expectations, you may have a family, a mortgage and a lot of pressure on you. Your life is not how you wanted it to be and you want to begin anew. You want to give your dreams a chance but you don’t see how it is possible. You seem to live in a cage with no way out into freedom. In this episode we shatter this myth together and reclaim your dreams.

Personal message from Dr. Dragos: Filling the Emptiness
This episode presents Dr. Dragos’s personal journey of healing and his intimate encounter with Jesus Christ. This meeting called him to pursue his dream of going into ministry. There is one choice you must make: do you want inner peace or turmoil? Love or fear? Power or frailty? Healing or emptiness? Many voices in the world will tell you that all roads lead to the top of the mountain. However there is only one road that will lead you home, offer you peace, bring you joy, give you life: the road with Christ.





The book that created #THEPURSUITOFDREAMS movement.

THE PURSUIT OF DREAMS is a book to discover who you are, what matters the most to you, and how to make your dreams a reality anywhere you start.

Take a step in the pursuit of your dreams and reclaim your freedom and your life. Engaging you in a profoundly personal and inspiring conversation, Dr. Dragos shows you how to unleash the power of love in your life to transform hurt into power, fear into freedom and your dreams into reality. If you are willing to give your dreams a chance, this book will show you how to make them happen.

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