The Healing Touch

A wolf was roaming the lands surrounding the town of Bethlehem. Throughout the year, shepherds were on the lookout every night with their dogs and torches, to guard the sheep from this wolf. However, one night they saw a brilliant star shinning above Bethlehem and all of them went to bring gifts to this new born baby they’ve just heard about.

The wolf sneaked through the shadows, creeped through the dark, and crawled behind the shepherds to the manger where the baby was sleeping. The shepherds bowed in front of the child, raised their hands in praise, sang prayers for grace, and returned to their sheep. The two parents have had a long and difficult journey to reach this manger, and fell asleep in a corner, on a pile of hay.

The wolf crawled from the shadows to the baby, growling and snarling and drooling over his gentle little body. He opened his mouth to attack the child, but in that moment the baby’s hand touched the ugly, wiry, dirty fur of the animal.

People had always cast stones at him, cursed and chased him with clubs and torches, thrown stones at him, but nobody had ever touched his fur. The child stroke the wolf’s snout, looked at him and giggled with love. All of a sudden, the wolf’s skin cracked, ruptured and fell on the floor, and out came a man. A human being – naked, trembling, shivering in cold, and crying tears of joy. Nobody had ever looked at him with love, nobody had ever touched him, and nobody had ever seen him before for who he really was. This baby boy had set him free.

You are precious to God. Will you reach out and touch Jesus Christ?

Dr. Dragos

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