Award-winning scientist performs a groundbreaking scientific investigation into the mystery of the reality of Jesus Christ. 

Behold The Breath of Life explores through the eyes of science what is possibly the greatest mystery humankind ever had to solve – the mystery of the reality of Jesus Christ. Behold The Breath of Life is an intellectual adventure and a creative journalistic investigation built on the foundation of fifty years of peer-reviewed scientific research featuring an eclectic cast of characters, true stories and new scientific discoveries, insightful dialogues and poignant life lessons that are key ingredients in providing you with an experience that will stand the test of time.

• What does medical science reveal about the miracle healings in the name of Jesus Christ?

• What do doctors discover when they themselves have just been raised from the dead?

• What really lies behind the dramatic increase of teenage suicide in the Western world?

• What does the largest near-death study in history reveal about the reality of God?

• Does Jesus Christ appear alive to people from all backgrounds and walks of life today?

• Do scientists permit actual evidence to answer the question “Are heaven and hell real?”

Researchers can now venture to answering these questions with documented, cumulative data. Through state-of-the-art scientific discoveries, verified evidence and extraordinary insights from scholars and academics, true stories and heart-warming parables, Behold the Breath of Life takes you on an intellectual journey into the modern day mystery of the reality of Jesus Christ. This book will speak wonder into the minds and hearts of millions of people worldwide for years and decades to come.

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