Zen Madness

The Buddhist monk laughed holding on to his belly. “You know what the problem really is?” he said to me.

“You fill your head with so much information, so much knowledge, so much stuff, but you never put it into practice. You never act on what you know. You never do it. You read about meditation, but you never sit down, and actually do it.” He laughed one more time holding on to his belly with one hand and hitting the desk with the other.

“You read an article a day on how to meditate. You learn the techniques. You go to evening classes on meditation. You read ten books on meditation. You buy a meditation pillow. You play meditation music. You download meditation programs with special brainwaves. You get the latest app that sends you push notifications to remind you to meditate. You try it for a couple of times, and then you give up, change and try something else. You never put in practice what you know. You never do it long-term, and of course it’s not working.”

“I spent three years under a solitary tree in a park and prayed every day” I said. “I had the peace of God, but then I stopped and life happened. I lost it.”

“You read books on spirituality. You read Paulo Coelho, and you feel you’re the main character, or you want to make love to the main character. You read the sayings of the Buddha. You buy a little Buddha. You buy a cat made in China that waves its hand to bring you luck. You light incense that your spouse hates. You buy rocks. You buy a dreamcatcher. You get a tattoo with a dreamcatcher. You hang crystals around your neck. You smoke pot. You try color therapy. You try tapping yourself. You join a church. You join the competition’s church. You go to India to get blessed by your guru. You google for a new guru. You ask for the forgiveness of your sins from somebody whom you call Father, that’s hiding in the closet. You read the horoscope in the morning. You buy Indian clothes. You save money to fly to South America to throw up in front of a shaman. You come to my temple in Nepal. You shave your head. You grow dreadlocks. You speak to yourself in the mirror. You post spiritual quotes on the Internet. You freak out your relatives by telling them you want to quit your job and move to a farm. You go on a retreat. You hug horses. You hug strangers. You cancel sex. Too much sex. You have sex, and then send your partner a questionnaire about how you can improve your sex.

You must understand something. Everything you’re doing, you’re doing because you are trying to escape fear and find peace, find love. To forgive and be forgiven. All you must do is return to love, and return to truth. That’s all. Bring all the thoughts you want to keep hidden into the light. Sit down and meditate. You are solely responsible to rule your mind, and you must rule it alone. Meditate. Do the work. Pray every single day, and you will find peace, power and love.


(from my upcoming book, Hay House 2018)
Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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