You Are the Painting of God

When you look at a painting, you always appreciate the creation in the frame and never the frame.

You probably agree it would be quite insane to love the frame and ignore the artwork.

The frame by itself doesn’t value anything and means nothing, and it can be replaced and nobody would even notice or care. The frame cannot give value to the masterpiece. The value of the painting is given by the artistic creation within the frame, and not by the frame. Obvious. The frame however can distract you from the painting, but cannot bring any value to it. The only thing it can do is to bother you in the moment. The bigger the frame, the more you get distracted from the masterpiece. The more simple the frame, the more clear the artwork becomes in your eyes. This is not a metaphor, but reality.

What about us, people? We are the masterpieces of God, the divine creations made in the image and likeliness of our Heavenly Parent. We find ourselves apparently framed up in bodies and egos and false ideas about ourselves and who we really are, yet we are not the frames but the holy masterpieces within. When you look upon another, don’t look upon the frame – the frame truly has no value and can be thrown away – but look beyond and see their Soul: the masterpiece of Love Itself framed within a body. And so you are.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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You are the masterpiece of Love Itself framed within a body.

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