Why Things are Hard for You

Why is it that in your heart you feel you have a calling, you know you are destined to do far greater things than you are doing now, yet the very same dreams seem difficult if not impossible to achieve? Why following your heart and making your dreams a reality is hard for you? I will share with you an insight, and if you grasp it and understand it, your entire world will fall into place: You have dreams, you have a calling and a destiny to fulfill because of who you will become in the process of defeating the resistance to make them a reality.

Your life is not about chasing goals and dreams. You life is about becoming aware of the Divine greatness living in you, and making your dreams a reality is one way to discover who you really are. Living your dreams is only the cookie you receive at the end when you become greater than you ever were because you defeated resistance to do the work and make them a reality. You become great only when you stand against resistance. There’s no other way. Think about it: In fairy tales, the youngest son of the emperor stood up against the dragon. In the Old Testament, David stood up against Goliath. In history, Mahatma Gandhi, a frail Indian man, stood up against the British Army. The greater was their destiny, the greater the resistance against them, and the greater was the resistance, the greater they became in overcoming it.

Jesus stood up against death. The true power of Christ doesn’t lie in the crucifixion, but in the resurrection. There were thousands and thousands of people crucified, but nobody knows them. Only one came back in victory to bring us Life. Not religion, not rules, but Love and Life. “If Christ was not raised from the dead, then what we preach to you is worth nothing. Your faith in Christ is worth nothing” (Corinthians 15:14). But the name of Christ transcends generations because of what He did: defeated death, and in that brought us Life.

If you are now facing difficulties in your life, don’t focus on them but rather focus on God because when you keep your mind on God, you remember that nothing can stand in the way of His Power. Ask in the name of Jesus who defeated death and you will receive.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Live your truth, set free the power of love and make your dreams a reality.

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You become great only when you stand against resistance.

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