What Would Love Think?

“Let me tell you a story” said the Soul Mechanic. “A long time ago, there was a prince who lived in ancient Turkey. He loved walking along the country roads alone, mingle with strangers in the bazar and listen to their stories. He didn’t want others to know he was a prince, and so he dressed himself in humble clothes.

One day the prince went to the mosque to pray, but he forgot to change his shoes and took a pair of very fine, golden-covered shoes instead of the worn-out sandals he usually wore in public. Following the Turkish tradition, he left his shoes outside the mosque with all the thousands of other pairs, and stepped in barefoot. After prayer, as the crowd left the mosque, he looked for his shoes but they were gone. Somebody had taken them. “What have I done?” he whispered to himself. The prince sat the edge of a fountain in the backyard and weeped. “That poor man. What have I done to him…I would have gladly given him my shoes, but now, because of my mistake, he thinks he has stolen from me. I have created a thief. Forgive me, my brother…”

“What does this story have to do with me?” I asked.

“You’ve come here to heal yourself after your relationship” said the Mechanic. “You must understand that you are solely and fully responsible to rule your mind and bring only love to relationships, otherwise you will never heal. Whenever you feel pain is because you’ve thought lovelessly about the other. You removed love from your own mind, and that’s why you feel pain. You realize you are responsible for your behavior, but you don’t pay too much attention to what you think about the other. The reality is that you are especially responsible for what you think, because your thinking is the root of all action. Your behavior is the result of your thoughts. If you want to heal, ask yourself: what would Love do if Love itself walked in your shoes ?

What would Love think about the other? Think of another as you want God to think of you.

(inspired by an ancient story)


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Think of another as you want God to think of you.

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