What Breaks Your Heart

“You must learn to think and have logic” said the Soul Mechanic. “Your spiritual journey – if it is to bring you healing, that is – must be based in reality. Reality must have logic.” He looked me in the eyes and took my little hands in his giant palms. “The pain you are feeling now is not a punishment from God for something you’ve done wrong. This pain is the consequence of you thinking and acting against Love . If you jump off a building and break every bone in your body, you don’t say gravity punished you, right?

Now think. Love is the greatest power in the universe, and Love is who you really are. This is not just another nice figure of speech, but a fact of science as I will show you later. Think of all the loveless thoughts you’ve held against another, and all the little deeds you’ve done against Love, and you will realize how much you’ve hurt yourself. When you act against gravity, you break your body. When you act against Love, you break your heart.”


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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