The Problem of Faith

Why is it that in your heart you feel you have a calling, you know you are destined to do far greater things than you are doing now, yet the very same dreams seem difficult if not impossible to achieve? Why following your heart and making your dreams a reality is hard for you? I will share with you an insight, and if you grasp it and understand it, your entire world will fall into place: You have dreams, you have a calling and a destiny to fulfill because of who you will become in the process of defeating the resistance to make them a reality.

Being a skeptic is easy. Being a skeptic is probably the easiest thing in the world. And the dumbest.

You believe only what you see, and reject as impossible everything you do not see. Every fool is a skeptic.

You trust only your senses, and regard as insane those who rise above their senses to live in Spirit.

Having faith is difficult. Having faith is probably the most difficult thing the world. And the wisest.

You believe in what you do not see, you trust in the potential and the possibility. Every visionary has faith.

You trust God and your divine source, and your bring into reality something available only in Spirit.

What is the value of being a skeptic when you bring pain to yourself and to others who’d listen to you?

What is the gain of dragging people into darkness simply because you cannot see what few others can?

What was yesterday impossible is today a reality because faith bridged the gap between Spirit and matter.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Live your truth, set free the power of love and make your dreams a reality.

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