Sweet Love

A young man was hiking through the mountains of Romania, and spent the night in a monastery. He didn’t believe in God, but was curious to learn more from the monks serving him breakfast.

“How do you know God is listening to your prayers, and has forgiven your errors, when you cannot see any of these?” said the young man to the monk sitting next to him.

“How do you know the cup of tea you are now drinking has honey in it?” asked the monk smiling.

“I feel the honey, it’s sweet and pleasant. I know the taste of tea without honey or sugar, and it’s bitter.”

“In the same way, I feel the Divine presence in my life. It’s sweet and pleasant in my heart. I thought and acted many times against Love in the past, and I’ve tasted the bitterness of life without God.

You don’t see Love with the eyes of the body, but with the eyes of the soul. When you find Love, you find God. When you find God, you find peace.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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