Why Selling Seems So Difficult to Do

For most people, selling is the most difficult thing in the world. We are told we must learn how to sell, and we feel terrible if we do not to overcome our resistance to selling.

There are piles of books and programs developed to teach us how to become better sales people, we are pushed to sell our way through life. I’ve often felt worthless because I don’t know how to sell, and I am not the least interested in learning. I would rather give the product for free and change the lives of people than to make a sales calls.

You’ve probably never considered the reason why selling is so difficult. Let’s find out together.

One late night a few years ago, I was reading in an old book: the soul does not understand selling, because the soul only knows to give, to share, and to expand through love as love, in relationships. The soul understands only giving, because as it gives, it grows.

Jesus taught “we are in this world, but we are not of this world.” Because we are in this world, we must sell because that’s the way this world works. Because we are not of this world, we find it very difficult to live against our soul and sell our way through life. This is why giving is easy and blissful, while selling feels unnatural, because selling is against our nature.

Just…think about it.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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The soul understands only giving, because as it gives, it grows.

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