Why Relationships Don’t Work: Alone in Loneliness

The alone and lonely see the other people different from themselves. The feeling of loneliness is only the consequence of seeing the differences that really are not there. Lonely people come together because each of them believes the other has what they have not, and try to fill their emptiness in secret, with what the partner seems to bring to the relationship. The lonely people come together to take from one another, to steal what they believe they lack, and yet they have within themselves but do not see. They live together as strangers and do not speak their hearts to one another, because they believe the other would not understand. And so they live alone together, they have their bodies in one bed and under the same roof, and take until there’s nothing else to take, and then run off as lacking as before.

God loves you, and God loves all of us, the children. He has no grandchildren, we are all He’s got. God forgives you, and God forgives us all when we repent in the truth of our heart for what we erred.

If you attack another whom God would heal, if you judge and condemn another whom God forgives, if you hate another whom God loves, reason and logic say that you and God have opposing wills.

Ponder on this for one moment, and see why you feel lonely and alone. Think why you fear people, and maybe life hasn’t got any meaning, and you feel disconnected from God and from the rest.

When people look within themselves with love and see no lack because there really isn’t any, and look unto the others and know we’re all the same, they come together as complete and whole, without the need to take, but only to share what they have abundantly in joy. In this relationship, when two healed people come together, not as halves but as wholes, they see no lack. Beneath the fleeing differences, they see only their sameness, and only their sameness makes them feel complete.


You are love(d),

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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