Reality Doesn’t Depend on the Way We See Things

“All human beings are haunted by their own personal inquisition. It is not outside in the world, but within your mind” said Galileo. ”Where there is fear, shame or guilt, doubt, worry or untruth, there is your inquisition. You have learned to live with its whispers of torture, but they are nothing more than lies and nightmares. There’s an eternal battle on the field of your mind between inquisition and life, between fear and love, between illusion and Truth, between who you think you are and who you really are.”

“I don’t understand” said young Vincenzo.

“The Earth goes around the Sun. That’s the fact, and nothing can change that. You are a child of Life, made perfect in the infinite love of the Divine for you. That’s the fact. Nothing can change that. All false ideas, and fearful thoughts that you hold in your mind seem to persecute you. That’s your inquisition. It has no mercy on you, and will murmur in your head: I am a fool. I am a disappointment. I hate myself. It’s not so hard for it to trick you. We all hear its voice, but it whispers only lies and deceptions.

There is a secret. Your inner inquisition doesn’t have any power over truth. Surrender to the Divine, and to the Holy Spirit. Surrender your body, your mind, and your heart, surrender all of yourself to life, to love, to truth, and be free. The voice in your head can judge you, and condemn you, but it has no power over you, because the truth of who you are doesn’t need to be defended. Truth just is. Love doesn’t need to be defended. Love just is. And you do not need to be defended. You simply are, created perfect in Divine love, just as you are. You may not know the truth of who you are, or you can reject that truth, but your unawareness of the fact, again, doesn’t change the fact.”

Vincenzo embraced his father, and squeezed his forearm.

“You may not know that the Earth goes around the Sun, and you may even believe something else. You can be certain of your belief, but your belief doesn’t change reality. In the same way, you may not know that you are a child created by the Divine in perfect love, and you may believe something else, but your belief doesn’t change who you are. The harsh voice of the inquisition cannot change what the Divine created” continued Galileo. “Nothing you think, and nothing you do can change the reality that you are the light of this world, that you are enough.”

“Truth is relative, every person has a different truth” said Vincenzo.

“That’s the greatest error we make in this world, to believe that how we perceive the world changes anything” said Galilei. “Truth doesn’t depend on your outlook of it, only the way you experience life does. Just as the Pope with all his legions cannot change the reality of the skies, in the same way your inner inquisition with all its doubts, worries and fears, nightmares and judgments about you cannot change who you are. It will change the way you experience life if you listen to it, but it will not change who you are. You have not made yourself. The Divine has, and that is where the reality of who you are comes from.”

(from my book upcoming book, Hay House 2018)

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Truth doesn’t need to be defended. Truth just is.

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