Listen to Your Heart

“The most important thing in your life should be to live your life in joy, peace and meaning” said the Soul Mechanic, “but you can truly live, only if you live in truth. It is obvious you will not find meaning in living a lie: doing something you don’t care about or being in a relationship you don’t want to be in. But yet, you’ve taken all the roads that led you nowhere and brought you only pain, you’ve listened to most people and found no rest or comfort. When the emptiness within you has become overwhelming, when you fall down into the gutter of depression, when you look around and find no reasons to feel anger, but here you are in emotional agony and looking for a way to change your life, these are the moments when you must choose. What do you do? What is the right thing to do? I do not want to repeat the past mistakes. What do I choose?

You think of all alternatives. Leave the relationship and risk to never find anyone as perfect as she was. Stay and pray something will change. Maybe God will do something, heal your anxiety and take your pain away. Take a break from the relationship: the safe way out into freedom, but without the fear of forever losing her. Sometimes the mind tells you to run, but your heart calls you to stay. Sometimes your heart begs you to go, but the mind sees no reasons for leaving. You ask her for another chance, and when she says no, your mind is hurt and yet your heart says “Thank God” in relief.

The heart thinks, just as the mind thinks. The heart has the wisdom of Spirit, and the mind has the knowledge of this world. In difficult moments of decision, when the mind tells you to stay and the heart begs you to go, remind yourself “it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the Truth (John 5:6).” To find joy, peace and fulfillment is to live in truth, and therefore to trust the voice of Spirit and to listen to your heart.

The mind evaluates, judges, compares, rationalizes away, negotiates, reminds you of the past, predicts the worst in the future. The heart simply knows. The heart knows the truth, and knows the voice of God. God “gave the Spirit in our hearts” (2 Cor 1:22) for us to know the truth, because the Spirit is the Truth (John 5:6). When you decide where you turn next in life, look beyond your thoughts, do not trust your emotions, and listen to your heart. When you listen to your heart, you live in truth and you live in Spirit, and the fruits of Spirit are always joy and peace and love.”


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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The heart has the wisdom of Spirit, and the mind has the knowledge of this world.

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