How to Move the Mountain


More than two thousand years ago, Jesus revealed his disciples a secret mode of prayer and the way to bring miracles into our lives. This ancient process was lost to the modern world when our biblical texts have been edited and most of the manuscripts have been removed by the church.

Imagine for a moment a horse-drawn carriage and a coachman. The only way they can reach their destination is for the three of them to go in the same direction. As human beings, we come into the world with three most-powerful tools to create and experience life: body, mind and emotions.

The coachman is your mind, it has the vision of the destination, and all he needs to do is keep the carriage and the horse on the road. He can hold the reins and guide the horse safely to destination or he can drive the horse over a cliff. The horse is your emotions, the raw energy of life. You can only go a long way if you allow yourself to work by love. Love is the only constant in the Universe, the force behind life and the only one that lasts. If you work by the other emotions, you will not have the power to go the distance. You will oppose nature, you will oppose your truth and long term it will destroy you. The carriage is your body, without the coachman and horse it doesn’t move.

The most difficult thing for us to do as humans is to embrace our truth. You cannot think one way, feel another and then do the exact opposite. The mind, the heart and the body must join in oneness and go in the same direction.



Cellular biologist Dr. Glen Rein organized a series of experiments at HeartMath Institute in California to see if people can influence matter using only their thoughts and emotions. Because DNA is more stable than other substances such as cells and bacterial cultures, Dr. Rein had ten practitioners trained to self-generate heart-focused, elevated emotions of love, appreciation and compassion to hold a a sample of DNA in a small sealed tube. The participants were divided in three groups.

The first group self-generated in their hearts feelings of love and gratitude but had no clear intention in their minds to wind or unwind the DNA. They then held the tubes with DNA samples for two minutes. The statistical changes in the DNA were insignificant. A second group of participants had a focused intention to wind or unwind the DNA, but they were instructed to not enter into an emotional state, but only to focus on the outcome. Nothing happened. The third group of participants held a focused intention in their mind, to wind or unwind the DNA, and also felt in their hearts elevated emotions of love and gratitude. The results were visibly measurable. In some cases, the DNA strand changed with up to 25 percent. If the DNA in a sealed tube can change in two minutes simply by the power of thought and emotion, can you imagine the effect of your focused thoughts and feelings have in your life?

“There are many who fear to cross, many there are who have fallen bruised and bleeding, but faith is the guide over the gap you’ve chosen” spoke Jesus to his apostles. The answer to purpose, to life and to love, the path to mastery lies in embracing your truth: the truth of who you really are, the truth of what you love, value and dream of in this world, and the truth about what you want to give. “There is nothing hidden which will not be manifested when you have put on the mind of Truth” revealed Jesus to those who chose to listen. “If two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move Away,’ and it will move away.” continued Jesus.

When your mind and your love become one in your body, then you have tapped into the power of who you really are. Think your dream with your mind, feel the love in your heart and act now.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Live your truth, set free the power of love and make your dreams a reality.

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