Healing the Heartbreak

All of us are looking for love.

We hunger for a loving relationship, we open up our heart only to have it shattered in a thousand pieces. When that happens, it takes years to heal, and sometimes the heartache is like a heavy coat that suffocates our heart, soaked in gasoline but which won’t catch fire. We go from loneliness, to hope, to adoration, to passion, to heartbreak, to depression, to promises to ourselves to never make the same mistake again, to doing it all over again. I know it because I’ve lived through it all. If you suffer now because you heart is broken, I lend you my hand in love and understanding. I won’t be able to heal your heart, but I hope that my shattered pieces can meet your broken fragments, and when we put them together they will make our hearts a little more whole, until they will become whole again.

The only way to heal is to help others heal, and the only way to find love and keep love in our lives is to give it to others .

We’ve never been taught what love truly is. How we can keep love when we believe in a world that teaches us that we can get by taking? This belief alone has hurt us in ways that we are not even aware of because we live against the fundamental law of creation: in giving we shall receive. If we believe that we get by taking, that means that when somebody gives love to us, we get and they are left without. Also, if you’ve ever loved someone, it means that when you’ve given, you were left without, and you know this is not true. The way to love is to give it away. But our greatest fear stands in our way. We believe we are afraid of failure, afraid of being rejected, afraid of the unknown, but that’s not true. Our greatest fear is to simply say “I love you” again after our heart had been shattered.

Summon up the courage and give us your love again. We need it.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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