Heal Your Body by Healing Your Mind. The Parable of the Garden

“My grandfather used to tell me that Mother Nature has infinite wisdom, and if you are patient, she will reveal her mysteries. Many years ago, as I was walking with him in the garden, he asked me to water the flowers. I took the hose and ran my fingers through the rushing water, while my grandpa told me this parable:

“Danny, in this world, you are very much like a water hose in the garden. Love flows through you, just as water runs through this hose. Love comes from God, just as water comes from the well. The water doesn’t depend on the hose, just as God doesn’t depend on you. But the water needs the hose to pour on the garden, and the flowers need the water. God needs you to pour his love in the world, and people need his love.

‘Your mind is your thumb. When you use your thumb to partially cover the flow, the pressure increases. The more you block the flow, the greater the pressure. If you cover the hose completely, it is only a matter of time before it blows up.

‘When you cover or suppress the calling of God in your heart, when you think and act opposite to Truth, you block the flow of love through you — and pressure builds up. If you do this for years, it blows up: anger if expressed outward, depression if expressed inward. Then, it is only a matter of time before your body falls ill. The body by itself doesn’t fall sick, but it simply reflects a mind in need of healing.

‘Just as the water continues to push through the hose when your fingers block the flow, love continues to flow through you when your mind blocks its expression. All you must do is remove the blocks in your mind and express yourself in love. Set love free, and you become free. Love is not a nice feeling, but the substance of what you really are. You are a being made of love. Ancient spiritual teachers spoke the truth when they said our task is not to find love, but merely to remove all blocks we have built against it. Scientists are only now catching up to this wisdom. When you heal your mind and set free the power of love in your life, the body will heal naturally.’

Dr. Dragos

From my book The Pursuit of Dreams: Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart and Fulfill Your Destiny

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