Do You See the Truth?

A man lost his way while crossing the desert and had no supplies with him. His body was dry and burning, and he was starving for food and a drop of water. He suddenly saw in front of him an oasis with palm trees, a few stone houses and a spring flowing through the little village. He was desperate for a glass of water, but he reasoned in his heart: “This is not possible. This is a chimera. There’s nothing there,” and he kept going. He took a few steps further and collapsed in the sand.

Hours later, a couple of monks from the monastery in the village passed by and found him dead.

“I don’t understand how this man died here. The river is only steps away from him, and the figs are almost in his mouth. How is this possible?” asked the young monk.

“He must have been a skeptic. He doubted. A man blind to the Truth in front of him” said the elder.

(inspired by an Orthodox story)

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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