The True Meaning of Team Building

Used by NASA and Fortune 500 teams



The True Meaning of Team Building

Used by NASA and Fortune 500 teams




Organizations around the world are facing ongoing problems that require immediate attention and action from within. The fast technological advances and paradigm shifts, expansive competition and unstable markets combined with accelerated demographic movements and a volatile global economy have created a world that has become more competitive and stressful than ever before. And be assured, in the background stress is taking its toll on you and the people around. Factors such as inefficient leadership, poor communication, multitasking, rapid changes in direction and governance, confusion between management and leadership in an unstable global economy amplify the negative effects of stress on health, performance, efficiency and overall wellbeing. Such factors ultimately poison customer relationships and can lead to severe financial and technological losses.

You and your team members deserve a better future.

Our Human Factors Team Performance Program is a leadership, team development and risk mitigation solution that guarantees – with real benchmark and a track record of 2000+ global teams, including the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle Program, the $1 Billion JUNO Project, BOEING, Lockheed Martin – to change the social context of your team and set it for success.



Regardless of the nature of the team, whether operational, project or functional, a team development assessment (TDA) provides powerful insights into the behavioral norms with specific actions to drive required behavioral change. A TDA highlights the context in which the team is performing, and is used as the basis for team members to understand, take ownership and be responsible for improving team security and performance.

  • Online measurement of the social context of a team
  • Assesses the performance risk of a project
  • Benchmarks your team against 300 NASA and Fortune 500 teams
  • Identifies key factors that limit / enhance high performance across your organization

The workshop is the time to focus the attention and solve the most important issues discovered by using the TDAs.  These workshops are done exclusively with teams of people who work together.

BENEFITS – From this workshop participants will:

1. Discover why projects get delayed and fail due to unnoticed social reasons

2. How to choose the right people for the job and not put good people in bad places

3. Discover what key behaviors they need to develop as leaders and why failure to do so will lead to project failures.

4. How to join the 30% of the competent managers in the world

5. How to hire project managers that will build and lead a successful team

6. How to analyze the culture of a team and how to change the culture according to the project phases in order to complete on time and budget

7. How to match your culture with the customer’s culture

8. How to match your culture with the culture foundation of your larger institution so your projects get the support you deserve

9. How to understand and solve problems arising from mismatching cultures and mindsets between sponsors, project managers, contractors and subcontractors

10. How to match a project proposal team culture to the customer to guarantee a winning proposal

11. How to discover the latent signatures of a request for proposal and how to match the proposal to the customer’s culture

12. How to change a toxic relationship with a customer in less than 60 minutes

13. How to solve interpersonal difficulties; influence another entity (person or organization) to give you what you want, give a powerful speech, deliver or bad news

14. How to avoid behaviors that throw teams into death spirals

15. How to recover troubled projects due to apparently irreversible social factors

16. How to boost creativity, innovation and problem solving by the only parameter that is missed by most people – defining and addressing reality

Technical minds work best through examples, hands-on work and experience. For this reason, during workshops we analyze some of the most important failures in history, decode the failure event chain of how these failures occurred, discuss cases from our clients’ past or present and solve current difficulties using our instruments.

Regardless if you know the theory or not, nothing happens until you take action and change the behaviours of your team. We schedule a follow up assessment to make sure your team stays on track, to measure the growth in your performance and observe the positive results you get in your team.

As institutions become more complex and global, there is increasing need to understand the human dynamic of social context. This is a timely book, an essential read.


– R. Gopalakrishman, Director at Tata Sons

The results achieved and feedback from some of the major players in the aerospace business confirm the added value when team building following Dragos’s guidelines


– Frank CHAPMAN, AIRBUS Celebrity, Test Pilot for AIRBUS A380 and AIRBUS A350

I was seduced by Dragos's ability to go to the point and lead some of the activities of our program. He is an exceptionally creative and forward thinking fellow who knows how to foster cooperation in a group and produce excellent results. He is an absolute professional it is a joy to work with him.


Prof. Dr. Guy Andre Boy Chief Scientist NASA Kennedy Space Center

Dragos reveals innovative, sometimes magical solutions to challenges. He deeply understands the forces that drive the success of a team, appreciates the value of team members, and fosters energizing collaborations. The breath of his accomplishment is awesome!


– Dr. Charles Pellerin NASA Director, Leader of the Hubble Space Telescope Development Program

I was somewhat circumspect how well this would work given my previous experience with this type of thing. I have to admit that it was time well spent and I've really been impressed by the process and results


– Rick GRAMMIER, Project Manager of the $1 Billion JUNO Project, NASA JPL

I was inspired by Dragos's drive and work ethic. He is also a great team player and knows how to bring people from various backgrounds and cultures to the same page when working on a project. It was a pleasure to work with him.


Iman Datta, NASA AMES Engineer


The best resource for any leader and any team member.

If you want proven, down-to-earth and immediately applicable knowledge on how to improve your leadership skills and how to understand the mechanisms of a team then you will love this book. Is the perfect, compact read for today’s fast-paced world. This book holds the essence of everything you need to know to identify, evaluate, manage, control and improve the social context of your team. The social context is the invisible social force that drives our thinking, our decisions, our behaviors and our results. In these 70 pages you get all the information you need to become a great leader for your team, your business and your life.


If you are interested in bringing our program to your company or team, drop us an email at: [email protected] or fill out the form here and we will get back with all the details you need.

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