In the Heart of Hearts

In The Heart of Hearts

Nobody truly knows you, as you really are in your heart of hearts. No matter how open you are, not even your closest friend can fully know you or understand you. Nobody from this world can completely know you because that secret place in the deepest deep of your heart is not of this world. The profound intimacy (“into me you see”) you need to have with someone so that you feel known is reserved only for God. No one from this world can enter into the secret place of Heaven in your heart.

You may not know God’s heart. You may be upset with him. You may even doubt his reality. None of that matters. He knows you.

He knows you as you really are. He knows you as you yearn to be known. He knows you with the dark and the light, with the low and the high, the ugly and the beautiful, the hidden and the truth. He knows the fear and the anger, the envy and the strife. He knows all the thoughts of your heart. He knows you as intimate and as deep as you do not even know yourself. He knows you in all and every moment. Because he made you, he knows you, and he knows you as he made you and not as you think you are. Because he truly knows you, he loves you with a love that gives you life.

Dr. Dragos

The Road with Jesus Christ

The Road With Christ

In the 20th century, Donald W. Winnicott, renowned British psychoanalyst and President of the British Psychoanalytical Society, discovered the most important requirement for people to have mental and emotional health throughout their lives. The core need of every child is to have personal, intimate and continuous access to a relationship that recognises the child’s complete dependence on a parent. Some years later, Daniel Stern, prominent American psychiatrist, coined the same fundamental need of every child: being-with.

In our hearts we yearn to be-with our Heavenly Father. We depend on our Heavenly Parent and the way to absolute security is to acknowledge our complete dependence on the Divine. You can run away from Home, you can forget where you are coming from, but this will bring you pain because you yearn to return Home, and you deny yourself the only way to meet your fundamental need to be-with. When you deny the Heavenly Father, you find yourself orphan in this world, not because you are, but because you decided to be.

Jesus Christ is the only rock upon which you will find rest. I am not talking about religion, I am not talking about church. I am talking about Life. Understand the difference because one is Life, and the other one is nothing. In some Eastern meditation practices there isn’t any talk of God, because God is seen by some Buddhists as the final object of dependency, the final thing to be abandoned on the path to pure detachment. But nobody asked the question: where does the path of pure detachment lead you? Nowhere. Buddhism teaches compassion. Jesus gives unconditional love. You have a Heavenly Father who loves you, not who has compassion for you. As a parent, do you have compassion for your child, or do you love your child for life? It’s a vital difference between the two, but one where you will understand the truth.

There is a common saying that all roads lead up to the top of the mountain. But only Christ will lead you Home.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me.” (John 14:1)

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Trust the Father

Trust the Unknown

In the late hours of the night, a family’s house was engulfed by fire. The parents and the children woke up and ran outside where they found safety. The flames were raging and spread up to the roof. Suddenly, the parents noticed their youngest son was missing. They looked everywhere and he wasn’t with them. Minutes later the window on the second floor opened and the little boy screamed for help. His father saw him and shouted: “Jump! I am here!” but the boy couldn’t see anything through the flames and the cloud of smoke.

“I cannot see you, father!” the child shouted in fear. He couldn’t see anything but fire and darkness all around him. He could barely hear his father’s voice.

You don’t need to see me. I see you, and that’s all you need. Trust me!

The boy jumped into the black nothingness of the night, and leaped into his fathers arms.

When the darkness surrounds you and you are called to jump into the frighting unknown, even if you cannot see your Heavenly Father, you can hear His voice in the silence of your Spirit. Trust Him.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Do Think Do

The Silicon Valley Way of Thinking

One evening after lights had been turned off at the NASA center in Silicon Valley where Singularity University is located, my colleagues and I sat on bean bags in a circle in the classroom, and talked about the predictions for the future. Rebecca, one of Google’s leading innovators, grabbed a coke, and joined our conversation.

Thinking about the future is the worst way of thinking about the future. Working on your future is the best way of thinking about your future . You learn only by doing, but herein lies the problem” said Rebecca. “Let’s say you’re in a job. You want to make a change in your life. What do you do?”

“You get another job” someone said. We all laughed, because we’ve all done the same in the past.

“Exactly. You know why?” said Rebecca. “Doing always precedes knowing. You do what you know, and you only know what you have done before. Because you had a job for years, you know how to do that. Because you never had your own startup, you don’t know how to do that. Doing what you don’t know brings fear. Your brain thinks fear is danger—which, by the way, are two different things because you can be afraid for no reason, and you can be in danger without knowing it—and prevents you from stepping into the unknown. You go about doing what you know, because the known gives you a sense of security. So you find another job, and begin the process all over again. You drag the past into the future. Makes sense, right? If you want to create a different future – the one you actually want – you have to do what you haven’t done before.

You must walk into the unknown.”

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

– from my book, The Pursuit of Dreams


Live in truth and make your dreams a reality.

Neuroscience Shows How Following Your Passion Makes You Happy

Neuroscience Shows How Following Your Passion Makes You Happy

The new discoveries of neuroscience now reveal that following your passion and doing what you love does in fact make you happier and stronger both mentally and emotionally, and not from a philosophical but rather a chemical point of view. This is a long article, but it is worth reading all the way.


to explore, discover, experiment and grow in a specific domain of interest. When you are driven by passion, you want to expand your performance beyond your actual limits. To accomplish this, there are two important drivers:

EXPLORE – Seeking new challenges, engaging in critical and creative thinking, intense ideation sessions, problem-solving and developing new skills to make progress in a challenging environment.
CONNECT – Bonding with like-minded people who share a similar passion, developing deep and trust-based relationships with smart people who might have insights that help you with your passion.

When you set out to EXPLORE, you CONNECT with people and forge more trust-based relationships. When you CONNECT, those strong bonds empower you to EXPLORE more challenging ideas together.

Here’s where neuroscience comes in:

The brain’s two most powerful neurotransmitters – dopamine and oxytocin – are directly connected, they reward and reinforce the EXPLORATION and CONNECTION required in pursuit of passions. How it works:

DOPAMINE: When we EXPLORE and undertake difficult challenges, our brain releases dopamine which gives us a sense of pleasure and increases our motivation to pursue the anticipated reward. Dopamine drives our passion to EXPLORE, and is more associated with the anticipation of reward rather than the actual reward. Dopamine excites and keeps us going on the long road of our passion.
OXYTOCIN: When we CONNECT with other like-minded people through all sorts of social interactions, our brain releases oxytocin which gives us a calming, soothing feeling. People with higher levels of oxytocin are more trusting, empathetic and generous. In return these behaviours reinforce the release of oxytocin which strengthens the human connection even more.
Here’s the incredible circle that forms when we follow our passion in life:

Passion provides the spark for you to focus on what you love to EXPLORE
DOPAMINE rapidly kicks in to sustain your focus over long periods of time and during increasingly challenging tasks, actions and goals that are in the service of your passion.
Passion provides the spark for you to focus and look to CONNECT with other people who share your passion, and work together to reach success faster.
OXYTOCIN provides rewarding feelings of trust, generosity and deep human connection as people come together driven by a shared passion.
Neurones That Fire Together, Wire Together

The brain over time evolves its patterns. As these two neurotransmitters are released more often in your brain, the brain becomes more adapted to pursuing your passion more and more effectively. Your passion literally changes your brain and then your brain makes you more efficient to pursue your passion and get positive results faster.

Without passion to provide the sustained focus required by our dreams, and to generate the dopamine and oxytocin to drive and reward our passion, we will have an almost impossible task to be happy and draw meaning and fulfilment from our work.


Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Live in truth and make your dreams a reality.

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