The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

As a scientist who has spent most of his life in the aerospace industry, studying at NASA and working in space programs around the world, I understand the value of science in our lives. Science has extended our lifespan, brought benefits to our health, opened the skies for us to travel further and faster. But science can only go so far. Science cannot offer fulfillment to our hearts, cannot fill the spiritual emptiness people struggle with, cannot heal our souls, and cannot give meaning to our life.

There are three important periods in your life. When you enter into your twenties, you chase a career that other people have suggested, recommended, or even imposed on you. You are doing other people’s will. Before you enter into your thirties, frustration, anxiety, and depression – sometimes illnesses – begin to set in because you feel you have no purpose in life. If you find the courage to break the bondage and leave, you go to find your own road in life. You discover your passion, and you follow your dreams for a while. You feel enthusiasm because it seems that you have found freedom. You are doing your will. This period is enjoyable, but this too doesn’t last long because, while it gives you excitement, it is not the true meaning of life. And one day, when God touches your heart and you put all your dreams at His feet, when you lift your hands and say: “Jesus, here I am. I am yours. Everything I am, everything I have, use it,” you begin to do God’s will. When you get here, you are finally free. You have found the true meaning of life.

There are three questions that guide your life, and the answer to these questions is the foundation for everything we are, and for everything we do in life. Early in our exploration of life, we are guided by the “what”: What can I do, what can I get, what can I achieve? Very soon we learn that the “what” is void of life, dead of purpose, and empty of any joy.

Later, as we let go of the “what,” we begin to be guided by the “why.” We ask ourselves questions such as “Why am I here?” or “Why am I doing what it is that I’m doing?” The common trend nowadays is to start with the “why.” But persist long enough, and you realize that the “why” will not get you far. The third question, and the one that opens a new dimension of abundant living is the “who”: “Who am I doing this for?” or “Who am I living for?” The only answer that will make you unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams is “God.” When you surrender your life to Christ, when you honor the dreams He put in your heart, and you do everything in your power to honor Him, you discover a new dimension of glory, inner power, and peace unshakable by this world. When you become a child of God, in spirit and in truth, you discover the true meaning of life.

Dr. Dragos

In the Heart of Hearts

In The Heart of Hearts

Have you ever had the realisation that nobody truly knows you, as you really are in your heart of hearts? You probably know the feeling that, no matter how open you are, not even your closest friend can fully know you or understand you.

Nobody from this world can completely know you because that secret place in the deepest deep of your heart is not of this world. The profound intimacy (“into me you see”) you need to have with someone so that you feel known is reserved only for God. No one from this world can enter into the secret place of Heaven in your heart.

You may not know God’s heart. You may be upset with him. You may even doubt his reality. None of that matters. He knows you.

He knows you as you truly are. He knows you as you yearn to be known. He knows you with the dark and the light, with the low and the high, the ugly and the beautiful, the hidden and the truth. He knows the fear and the anger, the envy and the strife. He knows all the thoughts of your heart. He knows you as intimate and as deep as you do not even know yourself. He knows you in all and every moment.
Because he made you, he knows you, and he knows you as he made you and not as you think you are.

Because he truly knows you, he loves you with a love that gives life forevermore.

Dr. Dragos

Heal Your Body by Healing Your Mind. The Parable of the Garden

Heal Your Body by Healing Your Mind. The Parable of the Garden

“My grandfather used to tell me that Mother Nature has infinite wisdom, and if you are patient, she will reveal her mysteries. Many years ago, as I was walking with him in the garden, he asked me to water the flowers. I took the hose and ran my fingers through the rushing water, while my grandpa told me this parable:

“Danny, in this world, you are very much like a water hose in the garden. Love flows through you, just as water runs through this hose. Love comes from God, just as water comes from the well. The water doesn’t depend on the hose, just as God doesn’t depend on you. But the water needs the hose to pour on the garden, and the flowers need the water. God needs you to pour his love in the world, and people need his love.

‘Your mind is your thumb. When you use your thumb to partially cover the flow, the pressure increases. The more you block the flow, the greater the pressure. If you cover the hose completely, it is only a matter of time before it blows up.

‘When you cover or suppress the calling of God in your heart, when you think and act opposite to Truth, you block the flow of love through you — and pressure builds up. If you do this for years, it blows up: anger if expressed outward, depression if expressed inward. Then, it is only a matter of time before your body falls ill. The body by itself doesn’t fall sick, but it simply reflects a mind in need of healing.

‘Just as the water continues to push through the hose when your fingers block the flow, love continues to flow through you when your mind blocks its expression. All you must do is remove the blocks in your mind and express yourself in love. Set love free, and you become free. Love is not a nice feeling, but the substance of what you really are. You are a being made of love. Ancient spiritual teachers spoke the truth when they said our task is not to find love, but merely to remove all blocks we have built against it. Scientists are only now catching up to this wisdom. When you heal your mind and set free the power of love in your life, the body will heal naturally.’

Dr. Dragos

From my book The Pursuit of Dreams: Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart and Fulfill Your Destiny

The Most Powerful Affirmation In The World

The Most Powerful Affirmation In The World

The most common belief that people have to live with their entire life is that “I am not enough.”

Dr. Kent Hoffman – professor at the University of Virginia – performed a study during the last 40 years, asking people coming from different backgrounds and social environments only one question:

“If there is one thought that is constant in your mind that you would like to get rid of forever, what would that repetitive thought be?”

The results were extraordinary. Regardless if the subjects were homeless and abused, in dire straits and difficult circumstances, or university students coming from wealthy families, professionals with secure job, or even the researchers themselves, the answer to this question was the same: “I am not enough” and “I don’t matter” are the beliefs that most people want to wipe off forever from their minds.

If you have ever tried affirmations, you might have noticed that most of them don’t work because you are trying to tell yourself something you don’t believe. In this case, your conscious mind (the affirmation) goes against the subconscious mind (your beliefs). You know that you are forcing yourself, and nothing is happening.

The most powerful affirmation, however, doesn’t come from the conscious mind, but from your Spirit. With this affirmation you are not trying to convince yourself of something you don’t believe, but rather you are becoming aware of the Truth and the reality of what you truly are.

The most powerful affirmation in the world is this: “I am as God created me.”

Regardless of your circumstances, bring to your awareness as often as possible this idea: “I am as God created me.”

This thought comes from the Spirit of God, and it bypasses all the beliefs constructed in your mind by the world. The voices of this world stand still when the voice of God speaks to you. “I am as God created me” includes everything: “I am worthy”, “I am enough”, “I am loved.” There is no darkness in this thought, and it leaves no place for doubt. You are not trying to convince yourself of something that you feel it’s not true, but rather when you speak these words – “I am as God created me” – the Spirit of God in your heart bypasses the noise of the world to tell you the truth about what you really are: a precious child of God. You are as God created you.

Dr. Dragos

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Love Was There

Love Was There

Thousands of years ago when the first people walked the earth, when they lived in caves and discovered fire, Love was there among them.
Hundreds of years ago when the great inventors discovered electricity, radio waves and the steam engine, when industry and science was born, Love was there among them.
Tens of years ago when we entered the information age, when we invented the internet and the mobile phone, Love was there among us.
When science wasn’t, Love was. When science is, Love is. When you weren’t, Love was. When you are, Love is. Love is everywhere and Love is right now.
One of the key messages of the Bible is: “God is Love.” If you find Love everywhere transcending time and space, why then is it so hard for you to believe in God?


Words to Heal You, Words to Give You Life

Words to Heal You, Words to Give You Life

Traveling the world opened my eyes to the grace of God upon my life. Every time I stepped into the darkness of the unknown, not knowing what will happen tomorrow, God stepped in and unfolded miracles before my eyes. With time I started to trust God more and rely less on myself.

But things haven’t always been this way. I’ve crawled through depression for a few years and envy disfigured my being. I suppressed my anger and turned it against me. I’ve hurt people I didn’t want to hurt, abandoned friends and brought tears in the eyes of dear ones. As guilt deepened and the darkness within grew darker, I tried psychological techniques and meditations but nothing worked. I was crumbling under my pain, when one morning in Hawaii, with the first rays of the sun rising from the ocean, I closed my eyes and prayed for the first time in sincerity and truth:

“God, I do not know You but I want to.
Some people say I have sins that will never be forgiven.
Some say I cannot come before You as dirty as I am.
Some say You don’t even exist. Here’s what I say, Father.


You know my past, You know my mistakes, You know my fear and my pain.
I do not know Your plans for me. I cannot change the past and what I’ve done wrong.
When the time comes, You decide what You do with me because You hold the power over all things.


However, Father, there is one thing that is not in Your power to do, but in mine.
In this moment I have made a decision and there’s nothing You can do about it.
The choice for me to love You is not Yours. The choice for me to love You with all my heart is mine.


From today and in every moment, I come before You just as I am,
Naked, broken, hurt and lost,
With nothing in my hands to give You,
I come before You giving You my love.


I come before You Father, not to ask and take,
But to love You more each day and give.
What is on Your mind?
What is on Your heart?
I am not a beggar, I am Your servant and Your son.
I ask for nothing,
but just to do Your will.


Although I am grateful for your miracles and gifts,
Today I seek not the gifts, but I seek You – the giver of all gifts.
I love not what You give me, Father,
but I love You, the one who’s always given me.”

Prayer is not a technique. True prayer doesn’t require a special breathing methodology or a difficult sitting position. Prayer is you talking to God in spirit and in truth. This conversation I had with God early before dawn changed my life. As I walked out of my room, peace flooded my soul. My mind found rest for the first time in years, and my broken heart was gently made whole. I understood for the first time Heaven is reached with empty hands and open hearts.


Live your truth, set free the power of love and make your dreams a reality.

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Prayer is not a technique. Prayer is you talking to God in spirit and in truth.

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