The Sins of the Youth

The Sins of Youth

A simple act of disobedience against God can cause months – even years of delay – in you fulfilling your dreams and your destiny. The sins of the youth will bring years of pain and regret in the following years. I am writing this letter to you with great love, as one who’s traveled down this dark road, and has learned the lessons, as a fool, the hard way – through my own life. The drifting moments of pleasure are not worth the tremendous price they come with in the years to come.

I am writing this letter to you with great love, as one who’s traveled down this dark road, and has learned the lessons, as a fool, the hard way – through my own life. The drifting moments of pleasure are not worth the tremendous price they come with in the years to come.
Sin is not that thing that the church seems to be trying to scare you with, but it is embedded in the very fabric of the Universe, as the law “what you sow, you reap manifold.” Suffering and hurt are the fruit of sin, as joy and life are the fruits of righteousness. I am telling you the truth. Beware of the sins of the youth.
Dr. Dragos

A Star in Born

A Star is Born

Have you watched the movie “A Star is Born”?

There’s a song in the film where Lady Gaga sings:

“Tell me something boy, aren’t you tired tryin’ to fill that void?”

There are many people in the world living with the void in their hearts, and nothing seems to fill it. This void is probably the best kept secret of every person walking on the earth today. This void is the root cause of every problem in the universe, from anxiety, depression, fear, addiction, hurt, filling insecure, unworthy, shameful, guilty, unloved, not enough, and all the other secrets people carry.

The solution has been around for 2,000 years. Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician and scientist, wrote in the 1600s: “There is a vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing, but only by God the Creator, made know through us by Jesus Christ.”

If you want to fill that void, come to Christ and open your heart to Him. You will be flooded with love and that void will disappear. “God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:5)

Dr. Dragos

Dreams like lemon trees

Dreams Like Lemon Trees

Back in my home town, I spent the day with a friend who had recently bought a piece of land. As we walked the property in the misty rain, we discovered several rows of lemon trees that nobody had taken care of for a long time, and had been completely covered by weeds. In most places, the weeds have grown higher than the citrus trees and completely covered them. Only a few trees had made their way towards the sky to catch some sunlight, while others had died, choked by the bush and the weeds.

Your dreams in life are like lemon trees. God planted great dreams in your heart, and, with time, if nurtured, they begin to grow. But every day, the world is bringing its weeds as well: the voices of others, the daily news, the opinions of people. They also grow – much faster than your dream – and if you don’t pluck the negativity of the world from your heart, it will choke and suffocate your dream and your destiny.

Nobody seems to be planting the weeds and they grow by themselves. Your dream needs your careful attention every day. If you clean your heart from all weeds and nurture your dream, it will grow, become mature, and bare much fruit in your life.

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out it are the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23)

Dr. Dragos



Anger is never what it seems to be.

Someone cutting in front of you in traffic, a colleague from work not doing what you expect, your wife or husband not being as you want – all these appear to be causes for anger but they are not. They appear as the cause, but are merely the effects of hidden, suppressed truth in your life.

Just as a drop of vinegar poured in a glass of water makes the whole drink sour, in the same way one inner conflict, one hidden lie, one piece of unexpressed truth permeates your entire life and turns it bitter.

Unacknowledged truth becomes toxic on the inside and is released as anger or rage in various yet unrelated circumstances. The driver in traffic, your colleague or your spouse do not deserve your rage, but they become the external justification for what has been boiling on the inside of you.

What is THE one piece of truth that you must accept today to release you from anger and set yourself free?

What you keep hidden will torment you. What you release will heal you.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

The Seed Of Your Dream

The Seed Of Your Dream

Would you like to know from the very beginning if your dream will become a reality? Would you like to know before you invest a single dollar and do any work if your startup will be successful?
You can. Here’s how.

If your dream springs forth from the deepest part of your heart, that dream is put in your heart by God. If you nourish it with work, learning and leaps of faith, it will become true.

If your dream comes from your reason, from what you see other people doing, from you fear-driven beliefs, from your emotions or market ideas, it will fail.

God is fair and He would not put in your heart a dream without giving you the means to make it happen.

“Is God’s seed important?”
you might ask.

Do you know that the entire history of humanity was transformed with with single cell? The greatness of Jesus and everything that emerged in the world from Christ begun with one seed, one cell in his mother’s womb.

You life will become great when you welcome and nourish the seed of the dream God has put in your heart.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos



The key to the health of your body, the peace of your mind and the love in your heart is hidden in these words coming to us from ancient times: “Reveal to God all the secrets of your heart. All things will come to light.”What you keep hidden in your heart becomes a torment in your mind and eventually illness in your body. When you surrender your innermost secrets to God, your heart is filled with love, your mind is released from the cage you locked it in, and your body is free to heal. Why is it so hard to do it? Because you must go through the terror barrier of acknowledging the truth, which sometimes can be the hardest thing to do in the world. Once you dare to break through, all will be well with you.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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