The Sins of the Youth

The Sins of Youth A simple act of disobedience against God can cause months - even years of delay - in you fulfilling your dreams and your destiny. The sins of the youth will bring years of pain and regret in the following years. I am writing this letter...

A Star in Born

A Star is Born Have you watched the movie "A Star is Born"? There's a song in the film where Lady Gaga sings: "Tell me something boy, aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void?" There are many people in the world living with the void in their hearts, and...

Dreams like lemon trees

Dreams Like Lemon Trees Back in my home town, I spent the day with a friend who had recently bought a piece of land. As we walked the property in the misty rain, we discovered several rows of lemon trees that nobody had taken care of for a long time, and...

The Meaning of Life

There are three questions that guide your life, and the answer to these questions is the foundation for everything we are, and for everything we do in life.

In the Heart of Hearts

Have you ever had the realisation that nobody truly knows you, as you really are in your heart of hearts? You probably know the feeling that, no matter how open you are, not even your closest friend can fully know you or understand you.


My life changed with stories. Yours will too.

The Seed Of Your Dream

Would you like to know from the very beginning if your dream will become a reality? Would you like to know before you invest a single dollar and do any work if your startup will be successful? You can. Here’s how.

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The key to the health of your body, the peace of your mind and the love in your heart is hidden in these words coming to us from ancient times: “Reveal to God all the secrets of your heart.

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You Got It All Backwards

We got it all backwards. You look at yourself, at your life, at other people or the world around you, and you believe that you speak about what you live. In fact the opposite is true.

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Breaking News

I stopped watching TV and reading the news 15 years ago. The only thing you will be missing when you stop following the news is your continuous anxiety about tomorrow. That’s all.

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Heal Your Life

The truth is you are miserable in your job and if you just had the chance, you would do something more meaningful. The truth is you are in a relationship you don’t want to be in, but you are afraid to break the chains and go free.

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Walt Disney created Disneyland. Together with his team, Walt dreamed the park into existence. They imagined the activities, designed the playgrounds, invented the stories, engineered the machineries. One day when they finished work, Walt saw that …

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Looking Behind

The voices in the market say “forget the past, it is all gone, put it behind,” but the past can be your greatest teacher and source of comfort.

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Fear-Free Future

Do you want anxiety to vanish from your life? Aren’t you tired of worrying about tomorrow, of living with the guilt that’s pressing heavy on your heart?

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