God’s dream and other ideas

Dreams Like Lemon Trees Back in my home town, I spent the day with a friend who had recently bought a piece of land. As we walked the property in the misty rain, we discovered several rows of lemon trees that nobody had taken care of for a long time, and...

The Meaning of Life

There are three questions that guide your life, and the answer to these questions is the foundation for everything we are, and for everything we do in life.

In the Heart of Hearts

Have you ever had the realisation that nobody truly knows you, as you really are in your heart of hearts? You probably know the feeling that, no matter how open you are, not even your closest friend can fully know you or understand you.

The Seed Of Your Dream

Would you like to know from the very beginning if your dream will become a reality? Would you like to know before you invest a single dollar and do any work if your work will be successful?

Love Was There

When science wasn’t, Love was. When science is, Love is. When you weren’t, Love was. When you are, Love is.


My life changed with stories. Yours will too.

When The Moment Arrives

Do you remember the first day of school, when your mom and dad gave you the new uniform, the shiny shoes and a little lunch box with fresh food made that morning? The mystery of your relationship with our Heavenly Father is mirrored in your relationship with your children.

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Before Everything Else

The greatest mystery in this Universe: the relationship between us and God – is revealed on Earth in the simplest and most beautiful way: our relationship with our own children.

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Words of Life

This conversation I had with God early before dawn changed my life. As I walked out of my room, peace flooded my soul. My mind found rest for the first time in years, and my broken heart was gently made whole.

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I’ve Been Through a Lot

Somewhere in a backcountry town in America, an old man found a dollar bill in the street. He picked it up off the ground and sat down on the sidewalk, holding the broken piece of paper between his fingers. The dollar bill was partly covered in dried mud and

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The Story of the Old Man

One of the young monks in a Greek monastery committed a serious fault, and the oldest hermit, who was living alone in a shack far from the monastery, was summoned to judge him and decide his punishment. The hermit refused, but the other monks insisted, and he eventually gave in and answered their call.

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The Boy, the Girl and the Heart

Once upon a time in a school in England, the pupils were looking through the family album of a little boy in their classroom. The children noticed the boy looked very different and had another hair colour than all other family members. “You’re adopted!” laughed one of the kids. “You’re adopted!” and awe

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The Road with Jesus Christ

The Road With Christ In the 20th century, Donald W. Winnicott, renowned British psychoanalyst and President of the British Psychoanalytical Society, discovered the most important requirement for people to have mental and emotional health throughout their lives. The...

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Trust the Father

Trust the Unknown In the late hours of the night, a family's house was engulfed by fire. The parents and the children woke up and ran outside where they found safety. The flames were raging and spread up to the roof. Suddenly, the parents noticed their youngest son...

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