Anger is never what it seems to be.

Someone cutting in front of you in traffic, a colleague from work not doing what you expect, your wife or husband not being as you want – all these appear to be causes for anger but they are not. They appear as the cause, but are merely the effects of hidden, suppressed truth in your life.

Just as a drop of vinegar poured in a glass of water makes the whole drink sour, in the same way one inner conflict, one hidden lie, one piece of unexpressed truth permeates your entire life and turns it bitter.

Unacknowledged truth becomes toxic on the inside and is released as anger or rage in various yet unrelated circumstances. The driver in traffic, your colleague or your spouse do not deserve your rage, but they become the external justification for what has been boiling on the inside of you.

What is THE one piece of truth that you must accept today to release you from anger and set yourself free?

What you keep hidden will torment you. What you release will heal you.

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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