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The Amazing University is the app that gets you going towards your dreams. It’s not only about inspiration, motivation or self-help ideas. It gives you the best tools in the industry to find your dream and build the courage, strength and determination to make it happen. It answers your most important questions: “What should I do?” and “How can I do it?” and it is there to support you while you’re going for your dreams.


Daily inspirational quotes

For getting your day started, coffee is nice, but a dose of inspiration reminds you that anything is possible and that each day is a chance for you to take a step forward towards your dream. We have carefully selected each quote to resonate with what we stand for.

Weekly stories and videos

Dr. Dragos’s work gets from Huffington Post and Entrepreneur right at your fingertip. You will have access to his best articles and videos that give you the tools to live the fulfilled life you are dreaming of.

Your own collection of inspiration

Our features give you the possibility to create your own collection of favourite videos, articles and quotes. Create your own inspired library!


From dreaming to doing.

From meditations to quizzes, we are designing helpful tools for you to start working on your dream. Test your dream and find out where you can start.


Online Courses

Find here online courses with top class content and unique interviews with some of the most brilliant people in the world.

A whole new experience

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