And This Alone Will Change Everything

“How can you find and keep love in your life when you believe in a world that teaches you that you can get by taking?” asked the Grand Master. “This belief alone has hurt you in ways that you are not even aware of because you have lived all your life against the fundamental law of creation: in giving we shall receive. And only in giving you will receive. Let me explain.” The Master reached in his pocket and pulled out a golden coin.

“Look at this golden coin. If I give it to you, I don’t have it anymore and you have it, right? This happens in the physical world. But if I have an idea in my mind and I share it with you, we both have it and it grows. When I share it, when I give it, I strenghten it in me as well as in you. So by sharing my idea with you, not only I do not lose it, but I actually make it stronger in my own mind. Now, when you ask for love, when you wait for love to show up in your life, what is the idea that you are giving?”

“That I don’t have love in my life” I said.

“Exactly. And what happens when you share an idea?”

“It grows. . .” I said.

“The ancient Buddhist teachings tell us that if we want something in our life, we must first give it away to someone else. You give a little seed of love, of kindness, of joy, and in the giving it will grow for you and become a tree in your life. In the original manuscript of A Course in Miracles, there’s a line that sums up the law of the Universe:

Protect the things you value by giving them away .


My question to you now is: what do you want in your life? Because if you understand this and give to others the love that you want, love will grow in your life. And this alone will change everything.”

Your friend,
Dr. Dragos

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Protect the things you value by giving them away.

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